Don Hewlett Chevrolet Dealership

(Austin, TX)
The Don Hewlett Chevrolet automobile dealership had 175W metal halide recessed downlights installed in their showroom at 25ft. They were looking for a solution that was easy to maintain because every time they had to change a lamp it required them to move the cars out of the showroom. In addition, the dealership wanted to reduce energy costs.

Ultimately, the LumenOptix™ LRD 3000 lumen was the best solution because it exceeded their expectations on what a lighting upgrade could provide. Not only did it install within 10 minutes, practically eliminate maintenance, and reduce energy by 80%. It also provided a much better color quality that reduced glare making the cars in the showroom look spectacular.


  • 90 CRI and R9 Value of 91 provided better color quality which allowed cars to look more dynamic
  • Proper cutoff angles provided even distribution and minimized glare on surfaces creating a more comfortable environment for the customer
  • Rated life of 50,000 hours (L70) provides a maintenance-free solution that practically eliminates lamp changes over automobiles
  • Easy tool-less installation within 10 minutes allowed for an upgrade to LED from below without modification to the ceiling

Cost Savings

  • Annual Energy Savings 80%