Garnet Valley Middle School

(Glens Mills, PA)
The Garnet Valley Middle School was in the process of renovating and wanted to update their existing quartz halogen 150 and 250 watt downlights in their large auditorium. These downlights required a lot of maintenance and made the newly renovated auditorium look drab and dingy. They were looking for a simple solution that didn’t require any additional renovation. Therefore our LRD was the perfect solution.

With ceiling heights of 10’ to 25’, the 6” LED Retrofit Downlights were easily installed without disrupting the new ceilings. The new auditorium with LumenOptix’ LED retrofit downlights is now fully renovated and the LRD enhances the architectural beauty of the space as well as cut energy costs by 88%.

LumenOptix™ Solution
LRD, 6” 1100lm & 2000lm, 3500k


  • Easy tool-less installation within minutes per LRD from below the ceiling
  • Significant maintenance savings with no lamps or ballasts to replace in the future
  • Increased light output by over 50%
  • Improved color rendering with 80 CRI

Cost Savings

  • Annual Energy Savings 88%