GGP ~ Coronado Center

(Albuquerque, NM)

The Coronado Mall is a two-story mall with 150 stores within 1,150,000 square feet. GGP wanted to update the mall and improve the lighting in the common areas. Their inefficient fluorescent and metal halide fixtures at a 40’ mounting height where costly to maintain and made the mall look drab. They easily replaced the existing lighting with the LumenOptix LRD. The simplicity of the installation meant no interruption to daily business. In addition to maintenance and energy savings, GGP, its patrons and its tenants now enjoy exceptional light distribution that enhances the shopping experience.


  • Significant maintenance savings with no lamps to replace in the future
  • Significant installation savings with no damage to the ceiling and less than 10 minutes each to install
  • Increased light output by well over 50%
  • Improved color rendering with consistent light output

LumenOptix™ Solution
LRD2, 10”, 4000 lumens, 3500k

Cost Savings

  • Annual energy Savings 75%