GGP ~ Westroads Mall

(Omaha, NE)
Westroads Mall, with over 135 stores, is the largest mall in Nebraska with over 2,100 downlights. Changing out lamps is an expensive and a disruptive task for the retail environment and often management waits for several lamps to expire for this reason. In addition the existing compact fluorescent downlights provide poor quality lighting as the lumen output degrades over just a short period of time. Therefore the color of each downlight differs and the effect on the retailers merchandise was poor.
The LRD was an ideal solution as it retrofit right into the existing rough-in kits with no mess or disruption to shoppers and will now provide consistent beautiful maintenance-free lighting.


  • Significant maintenance savings with no lamps to replace in the future
  • Significant installation savings with no damage to the ceiling and less than 10 minutes each to install
  • Increased light output by well over 50%

Cost Savings

  • Annual energy Savings 75%