Grand Canyon University

(Phoenix, AZ)
The beautiful Grand Canyon University is situated on 115 acres. The College of Nursing and Medical Professionals building was being renovated and they were looking for a solution for their existing incandescent down-lights. The vaulted ceilings in the common areas presented a challenge for the university to maintain while the school was in session. The facility manager came to LumenOptix for our LRD which would fit into their 6” and 8” incandescent downlights.
They were thrilled with our solution that saved them money because they didn’t have to disturb the existing ceiling as well as the elimination of the maintenance required of the existing lighting system.
The result not only saved them thousands of dollars in reconstruction costs, it was quick and easy as well. They were able to spend the saved time and money on other renovations. The building is now well-lit, substantially energy efficient, and maintenance-free LED lighting.

LumenOptix Solution:
6” LED Retrofit Down-light, LRD 1000 lumens
8” LED Retrofit Down-light, LRD 2000 and 3000 lumens


  • Easy tool-less installation within 10 minutes allowed for an upgrade to LED from below without modification to the ceiling
  • Significant maintenance savings with no lamps to replace in the future
  • Increased light output by well over 50% for a more secure environment

Cost Savings

  • Annual Energy Savings 75%