LG Electronics

LG Electronics chose to replace their 400-watt metal halide 4-lamp T5 system with LumenOptix Hybrid and ECO fixtures. The Hybrid fixture with a wide beam reflector was perfect to use in the loading dock’s long area with 35 foot mounting heights. The wide beam reflector easily provides maximum light coverage. ECO T5 fixtures were selected for the bulk storage area where product stacked 25 feet in the air needed to be lit economically. To further enhance LG’s return on investment, while reducing energy usage, motion sensors were installed on the ECO fixtures. The lights stay off unless motion is detected by the sensor. LG experienced a 55% reduction in energy usage annually.

LumenOptix™ Solution:
Hybrid wide beam and T5 ECO fixtures with motion sensors


  • Increased energy savings by 55% with added motion sensors
  • Increased light levels by 30%
  • Consistent and improved lighting increased safety and production

Cost Savings

  • Annual Energy Savings      55%
  • Demand Reduction            170kW
  • Payback                              14 months