LRD3® 10″ (Cutout Dimensions: 9.86″ – 10.34″)

More than just a Retrofit Downlight…

For over a decade, LumenOptix solutions have been the standard for easy to install, specification grade luminaires whenever an upgrade takes place in an existing facility.

LumenOptix has applied that methodology to the LRD series, a specification-grade LED downlight retrofit. Our patent pending, tool-less installation ensures no alterations
to the existing infrastructure and installs in minutes, all from beneath the ceiling. With multiple size options, lumen packages, optical distributions, and the ability to accommodate existing dimming systems, the LRD is the perfect solution for any facility looking to upgrade and improve the integrity of the original lighting design.




 Specification Grade Optics

The LumenOptix LRD’s performance is defined by its specification-grade optics. Each reflector is designed around the module, creating various beam distributions while minimizing glare. As a result, the integrity of the original lighting design is maintained or improved. In addition, LumenOptix offers various finishes (specular, semi-specular and diffused) and multiple color options to ensure the correct specification for every application, every time. The below images illustrate our 8” semi-specular optical capabilities:

LRD Optics