SDR® Retrofit Downlight (All Sizes)


LumenOptix has melded high performance, latest generation LEDs and advanced optical design for a truly cost-effective LED downlight retrofit for any ceiling. The versatile SDR® comes in multiple size options, lumen packages and optical distributions with the ability to replace any existing recessed round downlight and accommodate every major dimming system. Plus, the simplicity of our patent pending tool-less installation helps eliminate costly renovation pitfalls inherent with most retrofits.





At the core of the SDR® is the most advanced LED technology featuring an evenly distributed beam spread that ensures a visually comfortable environment. By dispersing the source intensity of the LEDs, the SDR® design reduces glare without compromising the integrity of the light source.

SDR® does more than bring efficient quality lighting to any commercial or industrial space. Its advanced architectural features and variety of options ensure that the lighting is as beautiful as its environment.

Works Well with Others

SDR® is available in dimming configurations that match every major dimming system in the field with smooth obscuration allowing facilities to upgrade to SDR® without changing existing control systems. This is crucial in market segments like auditoriums, churches and theaters.

In addition to various beam control and reflector finishes, SDR® is available in multiple aperture sizes and lumen packages.