STRATOS® High Bay Rack Lighter

Sapphire Awards Finalist

The STRATOS® is our first LED product within the Industrial product family since our widely successful fluorescent high bay fixtures. The STRATOS® High Bay Rack Lighter was created to address the needs of modern distribution centers, order fulfillment centers and warehouses using advanced material handling and pick systems. The intriguing compact design allows for easy installation in even the tightest of spaces, regardless of the aisle layout, machinery, shelving and ceiling height. The high-quality components and conservative design ensure a lighting system that is built to last, making it perfect for 24/7 operations where maintenance down time must be avoided.


The STRATOS® proprietary BI-AX OPTICTM system accomplishes something never before seen in the industry. The precision engineered BI-AX OPTIC™ system places all the light exactly where it is needed, not on the top of the racks. The < 0.3 spacing criteria across the aisle delivers optimal horizontal and vertical footcandles in tight aisles with high ceilings. The 2.0 spacing criteria along the length of the aisle allows for increased fixture spacing to reduce the fixture count throughout the facility. The end result is a lighting solution that perfectly illuminates the racks and floor while providing the lowest cost of ownership and minimizing down time.




Features and Benefits

  • BI-AX OPTIC™ - The most precise system in the marketplace
  • Low Spacing Criteria < 0.3 focuses usable light onto the floor and racks
  • Very High Spacing Criteria up to 2.0 along the aisle reduces the fixture count
  • Provides more even illumination on the racks and between fixtures enabling more spacing between STRATOS® fixtures than competitors
  • Provides a lifetime savings of 50% vs. standard high bay fixtures
  • Consumes less than half of the energy while delivering the same light levels as comparable LED, HID and fluorescent luminaires

Made in USA (ARRA and Buy American Act compliant)