R-STELLA® Retrofit Troffer (All Sizes)

Able to be installed in any ceiling space!

The R-STELLA® Retrofit Troffer delivers high quality, uniform illumination with minimal glare creating exceptional visual comfort. R-STELLA® upgrades existing fluorescent recessed troffer fixtures and saves over 50% energy as compared to traditional fluorescent troffers. The retrofit troffer features an architectural grade design and is available in 2×2 and 2×4. The R-STELLA® is rated to deliver L70 performance for more than 50,000 hours and is DLC Premium. Standard models ship in 5 days or less!



Upgrades existing fluorescent recessed troffer fixtures 

R-STELLA® Retrofit Troffer enhances architectural design with exceptional visual comfort at value pricing for any commercial facility. R-STELLA® delivers high quality, uniform illumination, making it the ideal solution to convert outdated fluorescent troffers into energy-efficiency contemporary systems. Available with a variety of dimming options, the retrofit troffer is ideal for applications such as office spaces, K-12 schools, universities, retail, airports and non-surgical medical facilities.

The R-STELLA® Retrofit Troffer contains high efficacy, long-life LED modules that provide excellent illumination. The matte finish opal striated lens is optically designed to provide the highest visual comfort and exceptional light distribution. The R-STELLA® Retrofit Troffer is compatible with any control system and is DLC Premium Listed qualifying it for rebates across the country.