Raisin Rack Natural Food Market

(Westerville, Ohio)
At Raisin Rack Natural Food Market, energy savings was not the only concern. The atmosphere and visual perception of the store needed improvement. The existing store was poorly lit by several 458 watt metal halides light fixtures. Our engineers designed a new lighting layout utilizing the Architectural Series, 4-lamp T8. The precision optics and up-lighting eliminate the cave effect and improved the stores shopability. Our solution saved 68% energy savings, and vastly improved the light levels, consistency and substantially reduced glare, thereby creating a friendlier customer experience.

LumenOptix™ Solution:
Architectural Series (AR) 4-lamp T8 with up-lighting


  • Light on merchandise
  • Improved 80 CRI
  • 10% up-lighting
  • Less glare due to the AR series louvers
  • Payback within 14 months

Cost Savings
Annual Energy Savings 68%