Sentara Medical Center

(Smithfield, VA)
Sentara Medical Center had made the decision to install another manufacturer’s LED downlights. After two years the lights began to fail because of poor thermal management design that ultimately caused the downlight drivers to fail. The officials at Sentara turned to LumenOptix™ and our industry proven LED 8” Downlight Retrofit, LRD 8”, for a quick change-out of their downlights. Sentara now has quality lighting that saves them a lot of expense in maintenance costs. They’ve also eliminated the safety issues associated with the previously failing lights.

LumenOptix™ Solution:

8” LED Retrofit
Downlight, LRD8
2000 Lumen
4000 Kelvin


  • More even lighting distribution due to low-iridescent reflector finish
  • Maintenance-free solution
  • Each LED Retrofit Downlight took less than 10 minutes to install