Three Villages School System

The Three Villages School District was looking to do a major lighting upgrade to their auditoriums. They were looking for a retrofit to replace their 250W halogen quartz downlights that would improve light quality, install easily, work with their existing control system and significantly decrease their energy costs. The LumenOptix LRD was the solution.

The district is thrilled with the upgrade. Their auditoriums saved over 90% in energy while drastically increasing light levels. The installation took place without any alterations to their existing hard ceiling infrastructure and seemlessly worked with their ETC control system without any additional wiring.


  • Reduced Energy Costs By 90%, virtually eliminated maintenance costs
  • Tool-less installation within minutes, from beneath the ceiling
  • Worked with the existing control system
  • Maintained integrity of lighting design after upgrade was complete
  • Provided clean, even lighting throughout the auditorium

Cost Savings